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Malak, Daria, and Katharine

August 5, 2013

Zoo Day

Heyhey! The family and I took a trip to the zoo last week. This was a simple, airy outfit to help combat the heat. I haven't really worn hats, but I want to get into them more, because I feel like they add an interesting component an outfit.
Have a good one lovelies!

Hat - Mom's, Shirt - H&M, Sunglasses, Belt, & Necklace - Forever 21,
Shorts -Thrifted, Shoes - Steve Madden

Ooo cute red eyes, yay

July 1, 2013

Kat is Broke

Part of my summer haul! I'm pretty much broke now, but it was worth it. The clothes were all on sale, lucky me. Enjoy!

Urban Outfitters- Buddha Muscle Tee 

 dat pattern. 

T.J Maxx- Oversized Black and Grey Striped Cardigan

T.J. Maxx- Tie-dye Racerback Tank

Pitaya- Cream Knit Sweater with Lace Backing

T.J. Maxx- Tribal Print Cardigan (BACK ONLY)

The back is the fun part!

From an online shopping spree a while ago, haven't had a chance to wear it yet though. 

Forever 21- Cat Crop Top

Last but not least, my very favorite find. 

T.J. Maxx- Printed Maxi Dress

 -sigh- in love 

June 30, 2013

Daria's Summer Uniform

This is honestly all I want to wear this summer. Denim shorts and a white flowy top seem très effortless, comfortable, and chic for a simple day out. The shoes and bag that I found on http://www.polyvore.com are similar to ones I have. Both are really convenient; I feel like I can walk forever in the flat shoes, and the backpack/bag is stylish while serving utility needs as well. 

During the summer, one can't really be bothered with tons of makeup, in fear of it all just melting off your face. Sometimes less is more. A quick sweep of bronzer and mascara, some concealer to hide my dark under-eye circles that managed to stay with me past the school year (Sigh.) Add in a touch of tinted lip balm, and it's all good enough for me on a day-to-day basis if I feel like wearing make-up.

I love long necklaces with pendants, so I just had to include that. Crop tops are also great for the summer, especially paired with high waisted anything. I recently got a really cheap one, (haul coming soon!) so I threw it in this mix because it's something I can't wait to wear.

Woah, sorry for all the writing. I just figured out how to use http://www.polyvore.com and got kind of excited. (Yes I realize, I'm super late on the craze.) Anyway, I'm hoping to be able to post more because it's summer, so see you soon!
Summer Uniform

Influence fitted crop top
$15 - thehut.com

MiH Jeans short jean shorts

Steve Madden shiny shoes

Alexander Wang flap bag
$1,475 - luisaviaroma.com

Forever 21 chain jewelry

Nars cosmetic



Burt s Bees burts bee
$7.78 - feelunique.com

June 25, 2013


 Sorry, this is so delayed! At least now it's summer, and we can all breathe for a moment and relax.
This outfit seems simple and comfy to me. I feel like the touch of color on my lips works well with the tiger face. I LOVE this dress! It's totally going to be my slacker, go-to outfit. This is from our photo-shoot a while back, but I wore this outfit to school practically the next day.

Dress- H&M, Belt- Forever 21, Jean Jacket- Forever 21, Docs- Kat's Closet (Thanks Kat!)

That's a cute face huh


June 19, 2013

When You Only Get 5 Hours of Sleep...

You can guess from the title that I only received five hours of sleep last night -___- (Game of Thrones... just too addicting!) Anyways... when I wake up the next morning after very little sleep, I look somewhat scary...
 <--- Scariness..

Anyways, I thought I would share how I do my makeup in order to make it look like I am not actually dead. 
1) WASH YO FACE GURL. I highly recommend using a face wash that will wake up your face, like one with little beads if you have flaky skin or one with cooling/ heating sensation if you have more sensitive skin. This way your face will wake up. 
2) Moisturize your face (duh.. unless you want oily, clogged up, dry skin). I use Pond's Crema S for general moisture and The Doctor Brand blemish relief lotion for my face. Under my eyes I use the Dead Sea Treatment Aloe Vera Eye cream.
3) After all the pre-requisites are done, I sponge on my Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation by Benefit. This evens out my skin tone and lightly conceals (since I lost my only concealer... :( )
 2) Since my foundation does minimal concealing and I still got some acne, I dabbed on my Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse foundation over the acne. This stuff is thicker, so it's easier to conceal those lil' nasty things. I find liquid foundation/ concealer just slip off, so the thickness of this foundation stays on.
 3) I powder my face with the Laura Mercier Mineral Powder. 
This stuff just sets the foundation in (I guess... that's what they all say). I just think it gives a nice matte yet not cakey finish to the makeup.
4) Then the brows. Gurl (or guy) when you fill in your brows, you just lift your face and make yourself look younger (aka less tired). So I fill in my brows with a mix of black and espresso eyeshadow from my Lorac Pro palette.
 5) Woah, sleepy. Woke myself up again.
 6) Okay.. so i kinda just forgot to take pictures for the eye makeup. Basically, I used my Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadow in Skinlights 08. I used the lightest color and swiped it in the inner corners of my eyes, the center of my eyelids, and right underneath my brow bones. This gives a nice, natural shimmer to the face that will again, make you look WAY more awake than you actually are. Another thing I did was CURLED MY EYELASHES. This helps a ton. It opens up your eyes to make it look like you weren't asleep. I then tight-lined my lashes with the espresso shadow and my eyeliner brush. I finally finished the eyes with some mascara.
7) I added blush ABOVE the apples of my cheeks in a stripe motion. This again lifts my face making you think I have high cheekbones (it's all an illusion, remember), therefore younger, therefore more awake.
8) I ended with my EOS lip balm to give a nice natural shine and smoothness to my lips cause I am sure they can't handle any lipstick.

Too tired for that.

Good luck peeps! Hope this helps!

June 16, 2013


 I hate finals.

Top, Skirt- Forever 21, Lipstick- Mac Hang-up, Jean Jacket- Daria's Closet :)

Behind the Scenes:

June 11, 2013

Special Guest: Shahrazad Meerza

Skirt: Target 

Top: Michael's (it was going to be a fashion project, but it turned into something I can't live without!)
Shoes: H&M (My favs!)

I really like this outfit, it gives me a summer feel. I like how the skirt is flowy, and isn't form fitting from the top, so I don't have to be so worried about how I look. In Kuwait, I'd pair it with wedge heels, big accesories and a small clutch bag, but in the US, I decided to dial it down to make it more casual, yet fashionable! The pink flats are something that I can't live without, I've paired it with almost everything! The skirt just fits so well and I love how it feels, so flowy!! (And it's a size down! Woohoo!) I would say that this outfit does reflect my style and personality... I like trying different looks, but this is probably one of my favorites because it gives me this girly, summer feel that's just so close to home! :)